Consulting, Training & Support for business ‘evolution

Operating a small business? The management solutions you employ need to be as individual as you are. We provide Reckon Accounts support and Training and endorse installation of solutions for use in your business only after detailed consideration of your broad business management objectives and having gained an understanding of how they relate to governance, compliance, administration and specific industry or trade reporting requirements. i.e.you want a solution that will work for you, not make work for you”. That’s what we do! and more…

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No matter what small business sector you operate in, we can work with you to develop solutions that can give you an enhanced insight into the financial aspects of your enterprise. You may have already have invested in one of the best-selling solutions in the marketplace, we can help you there too.

You most likely invest significant time and effort recording your business’s transactions into your accounting package (like Reckon Accounts or others), like any other investment in you should expect to get a reasonable return on your investment, when considering value for your time invested, ask yourself this, are you able to get efficient and effective internal business reporting (targeting your needs and expectations, not the software developers interpretation of your needs and expectations), targeted business reports are those identified as specific to your business needs and expectations.

When your accounting software is set up/configured and data entered correctly your system will easily produce such reports, a by-product of a correctly established system should allow you to meet your compliance obligations seamlessly including meeting your ongoing payroll requirements simply and effectively with little or no additional effort.

When correctly configured and tailored specifically to meet the needs and expectations of your business activities, your accounting software needs to do all of this and much more, if you feel there’s something more you need to be achieving from your efforts, maybe it’s time to give us a call?

Our experience suggests that you may get by for a short while with an ‘out of the box’ solution. However, to get the best value from your Reckon Accounts software and enable you to ‘read your financials‘ utilizing relevant information to make well-informed business decisions, you will want to develop a series of reports that relate specifically to your business reporting requirements.

Our role is to work with you, understand your business needs and expectations, and develop solutions in order that they serve your business needs and expectations, the benefit to you and your staff is that the solutions we develop with you can include documentation and staff training where required read more

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