When things just don’t seem to be right, you’ll will find us “Easy As” when it comes to developing solutions!

Assisting our clientsssisting our clients over the years, we’ve noticed as you work on your data file occasionally you will find that some of your reports just don’t seem to give the answers you expect or maybe the format and column presentation wasn’t what you expected or needed, maybe your trial balance or your BAS are not reporting correctly. We will consult with you or the person requiring the report, redevelop the report to meet your expectations then show how you can reproduce the same report with a click of your mouse, “Easy As”…

Department or Business segment reporting

Do you need more transparency or clarity when it comes to internal financial reporting requirements, do you have centralised or consolidated posting that restricts your ability to accurately report across different aspects of your enterprise. We can work with you to use the significant reporting flexibility of Reckon Accounts to enhance your reporting. A recent example, I tailored a set of farm accounts to allow detailed reports of ‘off farm’ contract income and costs against ‘on farm’ activities, without the need for additional Chart of Accounts items added. There are countless other scenarios where this type of reporting can be applied “Easy As”…

Need industry or trade specific reporting

Getting to know what the specific needs and expectations of your non standard reporting and being in a position to be able to quickly and efficiently produce this type of report can greatly enhance your ability to interpret your your business’s financial position and provide you with ‘on hand’ tools that allow you to make ‘fully informed’ business decisions, we can assist in developing a suite of ‘business specific’ reports that you can reproduce in an instant “Easy As”…

Does your Chart of Accounts read like a novel

If you have a Chart of Accounts that is greater than one to one and a half pages when printed you may be over-complicating your bookkeeping and running the very real possibility of having ‘like’ transactions inadvertently posted to different accounts making it near impossible to accurately report and potentially causing you to report your compliance incorrectly. We can help to alleviate these issues “Easy As”…

Business usiness is as much about compliance as it is product and or service delivery. Along with your governance/management practices and the administration of your business activities, you need systems configured and tuned that will seamlessly assist with your compliance obligations! We discuss your business and compliance needs and expectations prior to considering the development of a solution tailored specifically to meet those requirements.

La Trobe Academy of Business we have long been dedicated to assisting our small business clients to achieve the highest level of functionality with their Reckon Accounts software, understanding our clients needs and expectations is the essential starting point. Our aim is to supply you with tools and knowledge to move their business to the ‘next level’. Our Accredited Trainer provides a high standard of training, working along side you assisting you in achieve your financial management goals. We can provide guidance with Desktop, Hosted or Cloud applications. Servicing Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs to Gippsland and LaTrobe Valley, providing onsite on-on-one and classroom training at a time that works best for our clients.

As Reckon Accredited Professional Partners and Registered BAS Agents we are obligated to undertake ongoing Continuing Professional Development. This means that you and your business are constantly exposed to those new compliance regimes and emerging technologies, by association we introduce your business to those elements which can have the flow-on effect of enhancing your business efficiencies and your capacity to stay ‘current‘ in the way you meet your compliance obligations.

At the same time we are constantly reviewing peer forums, ATO broadcasts and newsletters in order to keep well informed of changes and updates, we have our professional bodies disseminating new legislation and advising us of relevant industry changes. Through us as Accredited Trainers you have access to all of this information, in the event we don’t have the information at hand there is a very good chance that we can point you in the right direction.

Our aim as we begin to provide services to you, is that we have a clear understanding of the How’s, What’s Why’s, of Where’s of your business our intent is that ‘being well informed’ about your business needs and expectations we will provide a service that is specific to your business needs. “Easy As”…

Is compliance a challenge

Complianceompliance reporting, often we are asked to help untangle inaccurate data entry and reporting. If you are having difficulty in this area we can show you how to resolve your current difficulties and configure your application to ensure that your compliance hassles are reduced, if not completely resolved. As technology and compliance requirements continue to develop at a blistering pace, we can shoe how you can stay on top of these changes, determine which ones to adopt and which ones are considered more risk and less advantage to your business? By engaging our services your business will not only stay on top of these changes you will be in a position to be among the first to be aware of what may be business critical changes in technology and compliance. We are here to add value to your business.

We can assist in decimating what elements of change you need to consider  incorporating into your business, this will assist you in maintaining your business’s competitive edge over your competition.

With our service you get specific training and support tailored to meet your business needs and expectations and with Reckon product solutions you get the choice of operating environments and products to meet your business needs “Easy As”…



Our aimur aim is that this web site become one of the ‘tools‘ from your business ‘tool box‘, a business portal if you like, an easy to access place where you will be able to find a range of resources that you can make use of.

Like you in your business, to survive and thrive we need to be profitable, so although you will find resources that you can ‘freely’ make use of, others may require us to help scope, design and deliver. These will have a fee for service associated with them.

Some of the tools we develop have scope to be used in a variety of business environments, they are available to registered clients on an ‘as is’ basis. They may have been developed as part of the background work that enabled us to provide a final solution but do not form part of the actual solution.

Where practical you may be able to download these tools to modify for your use. Because they have been created as secondary development tools for our research they are supplied ‘as is’ and are not supported by us, unless other wise arranged.

Watch this space…

Future site developments includes:-

Blog page
An area that we can publish subject matter that we feel may be of interest to our clients. Clients/members will be able to join our conversations to include their views (this is currently being developed).

Specific client portal
Potentially a secure client area with a client only blog, this area may also enable secure client information, downloads and ftp area.

A Support ‘Knowledge base’
Where you can go to get answers an all things ‘small business’ (it’s potential currently being investigated).

And much more as we get your feedback we will begin to incorporate the thing that you feel are important and beneficial to your business activities.

WordPress Hints & Tips

If you are a bit of a tech head and like a challenge, we are considering the merits of including some of the things we learned on our web site development journey, we have become very familiar with WordPress and her associated themes and plugins.


The site will be constantly updated to provide additional resources and reflect any similar feedback we may get back from our users. If you like what you see let us know, if you think we can improve, yep you guessed it, let us know, you can use our live chat service, our contact form or email us.

Thank you for visiting our site, we wish you all the best with your business.

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