Social Media

We are currently developing our new web site and wanted to integrate social media into it in a seamless way. I am investigating CASENGO to fulfil this element, if you have any experience with this product and have integrated it into a WordPress web site using the Mantra theme, I would be very keen to hear how you went. I am having difficulty getting the support portal to appear on my web site. As a work around I am able to link to the CASENGO standalone support portal configuring the link ‘not to open in another window’ and placing a note on the link within my web site instructing users to use their back button to return to my site. Not my preferred option.

Another option suggested by CASENGO support was to include a link in each of my articles like this one – Click here to return to┬ástill not my preferred option.

I am also keen to understand how the integration of social media will work for me, my understanding is that from a marketing point of view social media tools are (or should be) guiding prospective clients back to my web site? Visit our knowledgebase